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Agor: A world shaped by conflict, where desires of comfort and luxury are overshadowed by the cruel needs of desperate survival. Violence is rife across all the lands of this world. Most people are never given the chance to form settlements due to incessant raiding from the savage beast-men and terrifying monsters that ravage the sweeping wilderness.

At one time, great civilizations existed, spreading order across the world and performing great feats of magic. Those civilizations are no more, but their descendants have taken root in their great cities, which stand as bulwarks against the endless tides of chaos. However, these cities are few, and far between, and many of them are in disrepair, slowly decaying into ruin as the current occupants have not the knowledge or ability to maintain them.

Magic is rare, and it is greatly feared by primitive folks, yet it permeates the highest echelons of urban society. Held within the great cities are libraries of great knowledge, written in ancient languages that few can understand. Within secret vaults and ancient palaces lie magical secrets from the previous age. Monarchs seek to control these magics, hoping to harness the powers of the Aether in order to bring back the glory days of civilization.

This is not without danger, however. Powerful magics were the undoing of the ancient world, and the consequences of their mistakes echo into the present day. Demons from the Aether manifest in the world, extending their malign influence and enslaving the populations of Humans, Elves, Dwarves, and other folk in their wake. Often, these Demons are capable of changing the very nature of the world around them as they gain power. Brave champions must be sent against these abominations, penetrating deep into twisted hellscapes to slay aberrant horrors, and to liberate the innocent people who have become trapped by their abhorrent schemes.

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